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            Sandra C on Solar Radio 2004 -2007








              Sandra C presents " Citizen Soul Show "

                     Two Hours soul funk and Jazz


Sandra C has been on the soul scene since the days of Farahs and Gabicis. Born and bred in Essex she was a regular at clubs like The Lacy Lady, Oscars, Zero Six and The Greyhound. You might have bumped into her on the dance floor at The Lyceum, Crackers, The 100 Club and Bentleys too.


Sandra got bitten by the vinyl bug back in the late 70’s and she’s been scratching the itch for nearly three decades now. Her collection is crammed full of Jazz, Jazz Funk, Disco, Classic Soul, Modern Soul, Nu Soul and some tasty new cuts of Soulful House.


“There are old and new tunes that passed me by when they first came out… but I always keep my ears and my mind open… I just love it when I discover a killer track I’ve never heard before… there’s nothing quite like the buzz of taking it home and playing it for the first time.”


Except, perhaps, playing it on Solar Radio.


Sandra has always harboured a secret desire to jump on the decks when no one was looking, and now she’s all grown up, put the kids to bed and got over her nerves, she’s ready to share her collection with you…


No, she’s not giving her record box away, but she’s ready to lift the lid and let you have a peek inside. So come on brothers and sisters, hang up your anoraks, pull on your dancing shoes and join Sandra C for the Citizen’s Soul show.



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