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                   10.00 pm  till  Midnight  UK Time

       Two hours of  Soulful Rhythms and jazzy vibes .


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Well this is my little page…


For those of you who know me “Hello”, for those who don’t I am Ginger Tony and I’m still trying to perfect the art of playing records and talking in the gaps.

Basically it’s 2 hours of new & shiny tunes that make me smile. There is absolutely no subtlety here and we do advise listeners to put all elderly pets and frail relatives out of earshot.


Anyway, enough about me, how’s things with you all?

Tony X


PS: There are no rules as such and usually no coherence (if there ever is, it’s happened by accident, but I’ll still claim any credit),




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BEST OF JUMP START  2015 : Click Here 


Tony's love affair with soul music started at an early age. His father's collection of Motown & Stax records gave him more than an idea as to what good music should sound like. Some of his earliest favourite artists included Jackie Wilson, Freda Payne, Aretha Franklin & Stevie Wonder.


By the time of the "Brit-funk" era Tony realised quality soul music was still being produced and still sounding every bit as good! By his late teens, Tony was Djing in various bars and clubs in South London and enjoying every minute of playing his favourite tunes to anyone in earshot. Fast forward 20 years and Ginger Tony (this title had been suggested during a "witty" conversation with 2 other DJs) is still playing his music but this time all over the UK.


Over recent years, G.T. has been heard at many soul,jazz & house music events, on internet radio and is very proud to be a part of Solar Radio. His 'Jump Start' show has been waking people up to the weekend for over 3 years and is helping him make friends worldwide!


Ginger has been lucky enough to play alongside many of his DJ heroes including: Dr Bob Jones, Gary Dennis, Norman Jay, Joey Negro, Terry Jones & Chris Hill.


You can catch Tony spinning his tunes at 'The Surgery', 'Something Blue', 'Block Party' and at many other events across the UK.



Join Tony for "Jump Start" every Saturday morning between 8.00 & 10.00am sponsored by  Crazybeat Records  


Live : 

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